Germans drive too fast

Speeding is one of the top traffic offences in Germany according to figures published in May by the Federal Motor Transport Authority. Both men and women have more points on their licences for driving too fast than for any other traffic violation.

Women clocked up 1.126 million points for fast driving and men 4.021 million.

The next most frequent offence committed by women is failing to give way (226,000 points) followed by drunken driving (170,000 points). For men drunken driving is more frequent (1.234 million points) than failing to give way (611,000 points).

The number of people found drunk at the wheel is on the decrease but those caught under the influence of drugs is now going up, with 31,600 caught in 2012 compared with 30,400 the year before.

On the whole women drive more carefully than men, and hold only 22 per cent of all driving points.

Speed limits, which are regulated by the federal government, are easy to remember, 50 kph in built-up areas and 100 kph outside built-up areas. However there is no universal speed limit on the motorways (autobahn) although 130 kph is recommended. Setting a maximum motorway speed has been discussed for decades but has never been brought in by the federal government.

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