Friday, 15 January 2021
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Paris News

Illegal party shut down in Marseilles by police

500 people at an illegal party in Marseilles, France: the police intervene French police stopped a party with 500 people in Marseille.  As reported by Le Parisien, the illicit event (in the middle...
Paris News

40 thousand euros of Moncler jackets stolen in a minute in Paris

Lightning robbery at the Moncler store in Paris: 40 thousand euros of jackets stolen in a minute A daylight robbery of the Moncler store in Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris resulted in 40,000 euros...
Paris News

Paris mayor fined for violating equality law by hiring too many female directors

The City of Paris was fined for violating gender equality in the appointment of directors: too many women managers were hired at the same time by the mayor Anne Hidalgo, as reported by the newspaper L...
Brussels News

Europe closes for Covid

Europe closes for Covid: restrictions from London to Berlin for the holidays. Half of Europe will stop on Wednesday, 16 December, with restrictions ready to continue throughout the Christmas vacation...
London News

A new mutation of covid-19 identified, says UK Health Minister

British Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, has announced that a new variation of covid-19 has been identified in Britain and that it might be associated with a faster spread of the pandemic. The World He...
Berlin News

Germany under lockdown until 10 January

Germany under lockdown until 10 January due to "Exponential increase in infections”. Germany has launched a Christmas lockdown after a dramatic increase in covid infections in recent days.  The lockd...
London News

London ready to move its ships in the event of a no deal Brexit

Ships of the British Royal Navy have been mobilized and are ready to be deployed to protect British territorial waters in case of a no- deal Brexit.  This has been confirmed the British Ministry of De...
Berlin News

Berghain, one of Europe's most exclusive nightclubs

Berlin has been a capital for techno music since the 1980s, and the culture strengthened even more with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1991. Berghain, one of the most notoriously exclusive nightclubs...
London News

New Covid-19 trials to test a combination of Sputnik and Oxford vaccines

  Scientists from the United Kingdom and Russia are teaming up for a trial test of the Sputnik V and Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines. The idea is to see whether mixing the two vaccines can result in a...
Copenhagen News

85 meter high artificial wall built in Denmark for climbing

It is the world's tallest artificial climbing wall. Located in Copenhagen, Denmark, it has quickly become a destination for climbers from across Europe.  Set up on the exterior of a incinerator fact...
Vienna News

Ancient Greek Battle helmet of an elite Illyrian warrior found in Croatia

Ancient Greek Battle helmet of an elite Illyrian warrior found next to a 2000-year old rock-cut tomb. Experts restoring damaged ancient graves stumbled across a tomb belonging to a warrior. Inside wa...
Paris News

Breakdancing makes its Olympic debut in Paris 2024

Break dance has become an Olympic sport, with a debut at the Paris 2024 Olympics.  The subject has been greeted with much enthusiasm, especially by those who have been practicing the sport all their...
Copenhagen News

The Faroe Islands in spring

Looking at a map of the European continent, you will find the Faroe Islands right at the top, halfway between Iceland and Norway.  Often described as one of the last frontiers of Europe, the Faroe...
London News

UK signs trade deal with Singapore as it fights to quell hard Brexit anxiety

  The annoucement coincided with the frantic push by PM Boris Johnson to close a post- Brexit trade deal with the European Union.  The United Kingdom has announced the signing of a trade deal with...
Copenhagen News

Intensive care units on the verge of collapse in Stockholm

Ninety-nine percent of intensive care beds in Stockholm are occupied by Covid and non-Covid patients. This was announced by the regional health director, Bjorn Eriksson, in a press conference. Th...
Copenhagen News

Denmark apologizes to Inuit children

Denmark apologizes to Inuit children taken from Greenland for social experiment in the 1950s.  A group of Inuit children were taken from their families in Greenland to be re-educated as "model" Danis...
Copenhagen News

Not just minks, Denmark also kills covid- positive cats in fur farms

In Denmark, 15-17 million minks have been killed across the country's farms.   An extreme decision taken by the national government after some minks tested positive for a mutation of the coronaviru...
Copenhagen News

Best Museums in Copenhagen

In this guide, we offer an introduction to the best museums in Copenhagen. Heading straight to the Louisiana?  We get it, it’s one of the coolest museums in the world.  But don’t overlook the other m...
Paris News

Elderly woman leaves last available Intensive care unit bed to younger patients

On "Le Monde" three doctors and a sociologist wrote an open letter to a woman, then deceased due to covid-19. "She didn't want to take the last place in the Intensive care unit, she wanted to leave i...
Copenhagen News

Royal Teenager Christian of Denmark is Covid-19 positive

The 15-year-old boy is the first royal teenager in Europe to be infected.  It happened at school, where a small outbreak was detected. In solitary confinement, his condition is not particularly seri...


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