EU approves mealworms for human consumption

The European Food and Safety watchdog has approved the consumption of mealworms by humans.

What was once mistaken for a fringe food should now find its way into the mainstream. Yellow mealworms make a good dinner table delicacy, whether served as a curry or flour, or used to make bread, chocolate biscuits, and pasta. Retailing on the supermarket shelves should kick off right away. 

Trading a beef burger for a mealworm burger does not seem to be popular at the moment. However, if we observe the rapid population growth across the planet, alternative sources of nutrient-rich foods such as insects are bound to become viable alternatives. Besides, insects are a rich source of healthy protein

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Not everyone qualifies for the yellow mealworm delicacy. Anyone with prawn and dust mite allergies will likely suffer an oral or skin reaction from the Tenebrio molitor larvae. Food scientists across the EU are likely to be swayed by the findings of Agronutris, a French insect-for-food production company. 

Yellow mealworms are composed of protein, fat, and fibre not forgetting their suitability as a sustainable, low carbon-emission food source for the future. To give a description of what they taste like when dried, you can equate it to peanuts. Despite all the fuss mealworms elicit, the consumption of insects is not a new concept. According to a legislative Report, over 2.5 billion people across the globe frequently consume insects. This trend is still new to Western nations. 

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Approval by the European Food and Safety Authority (EFSA) means it can now be sold to other European countries. At the moment, they are already on sale in the UK, Denmark, Netherlands, and Finland while other countries still had restrictions. Companies such as Protifarm and Micronutris in the Netherlands, Entogourmet in Spain, and Essento in Switzerland.

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