Friday, 10 July 2020
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Jersey News

Jersey farmers check for Schmallenberg

Farmers in Jersey are worried that the death of five deformed lambs may indicate that the Schmallenberg viral infection has reached the island. The infection can also cause birth defects in cattle as...
Brussels News

Bird counting in Brussels

The weekend of 4-5 February is bird counting day in Belgium. Everyone is asked to note the number of different birds for at least half an hour on those days and then send the results to Natuurpunt or...
Vienna News

Vienna allows killing of boar

Austria gave permission at the end of November to extend hunting wild boar throughout the whole of the capital Vienna. Game hunting has always been allowed in some special reserves but now killing boa...
Oxford News

Oxford dog owners face stringent controls

Dog owners in Oxford face increased penalties for fouling and stiff fines for walking with more than four dogs, regardless of whether the dogs are under control or not, says the Oxford Mail. There...
Dublin News

New arrival in Dublin Zoo

A baby Western Lowland Gorilla has become Dublin Zoo's latest arrival and is drawing large crowds. Born to mother Lena on 27 March and weighing just 2kgs, the youngster has yet to be named. This is be...
Vienna News

Vienna carriage operators face tough new legislation

The horse-drawn carriages that are a favourite with tourists in Vienna are to be subject to stringent new laws to protect the welfare of the horses after widespread and prolonged criticism of the cond...
Dublin News

New arrivals at Dublin Zoo

Despite Ireland's arctic weather conditions, Dublin Zoo
London News

Dangerous dogs warnings in London’s schools

London authorities have announced a campaign to educate the capital
Jersey News

Durrell puts meerkats on camera in Jersey, Channel Islands

Meerkats can cheer up your life in the comfort of your own home, thanks to a new webcam service at Durrell Wildlife Park. By accessing the website viewers can take a virtual journe...
Paris News

Rare panthers born in Paris zoo

Two rare clouded leopard cubs, normally found in South-East Asia and parts of China, have been shown to the public for the first time at Paris
Barcelona News

Financial crisis sees Barcelona abandon more animals

Financial crisis sees increase in abandoned animals Barcelona authorities have begun a new campaign and streamlined the adoption process for abandoned animals this summer as homes are urgently needed...
Jersey News

Choughs return to Jersey

There are high hopes that Britain
Dublin News

New Arrivals in Dublin Zoo

Two new arrivals at Dublin Zoo have recently presented their credentials to the public. The monkeys, a white-crowned mangabey and a sulawesi crested macaque, were born in the zoo in April. Both animal...
Barcelona News

Barcelona authorities accused of animal cruelty

City authorities have been accused of the inefficient and cruel slaughter of thousands of pigeons in Barcelona by the Associaci
Barcelona News

Barcelona to vote on bullfighting

Bull fighting in Barcelona may be all but over, despite being second only to Madrid and Seville for the number of bullfights it hosts yearly, and sell-out crowds at its Plaza de Toros Monumental bullr...
Dublin News

Seals Attack Swimmers

Swimmers at Dun Laoghaire's Forty Foot, Dublin bay's famous swimming venue, have been victims of a spate of unprecedented attacks by seals. It is thought the attacks are being perpetrated by bull seal...
Berlin News

Polar bear in custody battle

The recent custody battle being fought over Berlin Zoo


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