A new partnership between the Large Cities Climate Leadership Group,(LCCLG), representing the mayors of 22 of the worlds biggest cities, and former US president Bill Clinton has been launched in Los Angeles. London mayor Ken Livingston, chairman of the LCCLG, and British prime minister Tony Blair were present at the launch of the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) which aims to reduce 80 per cent of greenhouse gases over the next ten years. Urban areas are responsible for producing three-quarters of the worlds greenhouse gases which trap heat in the atmosphere, causing the earths temperature to rise. The CCI strategy includes pooling the cities buying power, expertise and research into energy-saving products and greenhouse gas reduction. The 22 cities in the partnership are: Berlin, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Caracas, Chicago, Delhi, Dhaka, Istanbul, Johannesburg, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Melbourne, Mexico City, New York, Paris, Philadelphia, Rome, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Toronto and Warsaw.