Friday, 30 September 2022
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Crime in Brussels threatens ex-pats

European parliamentary representatives and EU civil servants no longer feel safe in Brussels, says Belgian daily Le Soir. The Belgian capital, especially the area most frequented by the thousands of e...
Brussels News

Brussels water rates rise more than expected

The three-stage rise in Brussels water rates, labelled by environment minister Evelyne Huytebroeck
Brussels News

Tintin and Snowy return

The six-meter high, 600 kilo giant effigies of comic book characters Tintin and Snowy, which normally grace the rooftop of Brussel
Brussels News

Brussels needs anti-discrimination training

The Brussels minister for employment and economy, Beno
Brussels News

Roof top wind turbines in Brussels

The roofs of Brussels could be a mass of miniature wind turbines if the recommendations of a study by the Centre d
Brussels News

STIB plans facelift

Brussels public transport provider, Soci
Brussels News

Defining expats in Brussels

According to a report in newspaper Le Soir, one in every 10 Brussels residents is an expat, or
Brussels News

Proposals for new mosque

The Union des Centres Islamiques de Belgique has put forward proposals for a new seven-storey mosque to be built in the heart of Brussels' Turkish community on rue de Saint-Josse. The 11,000 sqm b...
Brussels News

Patrick Blanc creates Brussels living wall

In what could be regarded as a real touch of genius, French estate agent investment group Stam Europe has commissioned a 600 square metre
Brussels News

House prices fall again

House prices are falling in Brussels, according to figures released from the F
Brussels News

Road works in Schaerbeek slow traffic

Parts are Brussels are set to grind to a halt over the summer, bringing chaos to traffic, as scheduled road works in the Schaerbeek district begin. An enormous construction site on the Rue Gallait i...
Brussels News

Brussels set priority issues

The new Brussels government has signed an all-party agreement setting out its agenda for the future and long-term development, within which employment, housing and transport were cited as the city
Brussels News

Sobering up Rue des Pitas

Gaudy shop fronts and
Brussels News

Social housing stands empty

Brussels-based organisation Inter-Environnement Bruxelles has launched a campaign to raise public awareness of the amount of social housing in the city that remains unoccupied, despite the current sta...
Brussels News

More places in Brussels secondary schools

The city of Brussels has announced that it is to increase class sizes in the first year of its secondary schools for September 2009. The move follows a crisis caused by
Brussels News

Museum for Paul Delvaux

Belgian senator Alain Destexhe has announced his plans to create a new museum in Brussels dedicated to 20th-century Belgian artist Paul Delvaux
Brussels News

Lighting for Brussels-Charleroi locks.

In a bid to integrate the port of Brussels and the nearby city, the council has announced that it is to spend between three and eight million euros lighting up the locks of the Brussels-Charleroi cana...
Brussels News

Clean-up day in Brussels.

A publicity poster campaign featuring a man or woman vacuuming the footpath or dusting street furniture has launched the 25 April "Journ
Brussels News

Gas-powered buses for Brussels.

After months of indecision, the Brussels regional government has given the green light to the purchase of 70 new gas-powered buses by the STIB municipal transport authority. The investment in environm...
Brussels News

Blueprint for new Brussels Euro-quarter.

The winning design for the rebuilding of the
Brussels News

Brussels 2009 The Year of the Comic Strip.

Brussels city council has officially declared 2009 as the Year of the Comic Strip in the Belgian capital, paying tribute to some of the city
Brussels News

Car-sharing in Brussels.

Brussels subscribers to the car-sharing firm Cambio increased by 44 per cent in the year just ended. Cambio, a private enterprise operating in partnership with the STIB public transport network, now h...
Brussels News

New fares on Brussels public transport.

Brussels transport system (STIB) has announced a slight increase in fares for 2009, which sees the price of carnets Jump5 and Jump10 rise from
Brussels News

Brussels top city for NGOs.

The European capital attracts more international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) than any other city in the world according to a study just published by FAIB (Federation of European and Internat...
Brussels News

Humidity damages Brussels museum paintings.

A faulty air-conditioning system has been blamed for damage done to a number of 15th and 16th-century paintings held in a temporary depository at the Brussels Museum of Ancient Art. The damage, caused...
Brussels News

Brussels region retains GSM radiation norms.

The Constitutional Court has overturned an application from mobile phone operators Proximus, Base and Mobilstar to relax the strict GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) radiation limits curren...


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