Mon, 22 July 2024
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Brussels News

Brussels organises against homophobia

To mark the international day against homophobia day on 17 May Brussels has organised a conference and demonstration to campaign against homo-, lesbo-, bio- and trans-phobia. The demonstration in Bru...
Brussels News

End of Brussels winter plan puts families back on streets

Experts estimate that hundreds of people, including families with children, will once again face sleeping on the streets as the official winter emergency housing plan ends in Brussels. The plan, w...
Brussels News

Social housing stands empty

Brussels-based organisation Inter-Environnement Bruxelles has launched a campaign to raise public awareness of the amount of social housing in the city that remains unoccupied, despite the current sta...
Brussels News

Brussels top city for NGOs.

The European capital attracts more international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) than any other city in the world according to a study just published by FAIB (Federation of European and Internat...
Brussels News

Shortage of beds for Brussels asylum seekers.

Each morning dozens of asylum seekers queue outside the Brussels immigration department offices hoping to be allotted a bed for the night. The Federal Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (FEDAS...
Brussels News

Brussels international solidarity month.

The annual Mois de la Solidarit


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