Tuesday, 30 November 2021
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Prodecor goes solar in Brussels

The single biggest unit of solar production has been installed in Brussels, according to the city
Brussels News

Brussels recycling gets tough

Brussels residents have a new band of investigators on their tail who aren
Brussels News

Brussels Molenbeek on tourist route

City authorities in one of Brussels most deprived areas have invited tourist sightseeing bus tours to include the area of Molenbeek
Brussels News

Brussels burn centre

One of Europe
Brussels News

Brussels fare dodgers go free

Brussels public transport company STIB has found itself in a tight spot after it was told by the Brussels police at the start of its anti-fare evasion campaign that it cannot demand the identity of pe...
Brussels News

Ciamberlani building restored

The renovation of one of Brussels' most important Art Nouveau buildings has finally been completed after five years of work. The privately owned Ciamberlani building is considered a masterpiece of Bel...
Brussels News

Public transport hikes for Brussels

Public transport prices in Brussels are set to rise by up to 19 per cent in 2010. Brussels STIB public transport network has announced an average price rise of 2.53 per cent from February 2010. Howe...
Brussels News

Brussels inaugurates new public toilets

Brussels has armed itself against the epidemic of people urinating on its streets by bringing in a new network of public toilets and urinals. The problem has become such that Brussels deputy mayor for...
Brussels News

Brussels Cambio cars get free parking

Brussels residents using the Cambio car-sharing scheme will now be able to park free of charge anywhere in the city. Cambio allows registered users to hire a range of vehicles, located in spots all ov...
Brussels News

Brussels make plans to cut deficit

Brussels has announced that it will make
Brussels News

Crime in Brussels threatens ex-pats

European parliamentary representatives and EU civil servants no longer feel safe in Brussels, says Belgian daily Le Soir. The Belgian capital, especially the area most frequented by the thousands of e...
Brussels News

Brussels water rates rise more than expected

The three-stage rise in Brussels water rates, labelled by environment minister Evelyne Huytebroeck
Brussels News

Tintin and Snowy return

The six-meter high, 600 kilo giant effigies of comic book characters Tintin and Snowy, which normally grace the rooftop of Brussel
Brussels News

Brussels needs anti-discrimination training

The Brussels minister for employment and economy, Beno
Brussels News

Roof top wind turbines in Brussels

The roofs of Brussels could be a mass of miniature wind turbines if the recommendations of a study by the Centre d
Brussels News

STIB plans facelift

Brussels public transport provider, Soci
Brussels News

Defining expats in Brussels

According to a report in newspaper Le Soir, one in every 10 Brussels residents is an expat, or
Brussels News

Proposals for new mosque

The Union des Centres Islamiques de Belgique has put forward proposals for a new seven-storey mosque to be built in the heart of Brussels' Turkish community on rue de Saint-Josse. The 11,000 sqm b...
Brussels News

Patrick Blanc creates Brussels living wall

In what could be regarded as a real touch of genius, French estate agent investment group Stam Europe has commissioned a 600 square metre
Brussels News

House prices fall again

House prices are falling in Brussels, according to figures released from the F


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