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Brussels population continues to soar

Estimates of the number of Brussels residents have been grossly underestimated. Latest figures released by the national registry, whose figures are updated every two months, show that there are curren...
Brussels News

Brussels tightens security on public transport

Brussels public transport operator STIB has announced increased security measures and surveillance on its bus and metro network following a spate of personal attacks and vandalism on its vehicles....
Brussels News

Brussels authorities to remove one car in five from city’s roads

Brussels authorities want to put one car in every five off the road. The proposals have been outlined as part of a plan to increase mobility in the city and include a reduction in car traffic of 20 pe...
Brussels News

New green space for Brussels

Adhering to a pledge to be one of the greenest cities in Europe, Brussels has agreed plans for a new park in the city at Saint-Josse and Schaerbeek. The site on rue Potag
Brussels News

Summer beach in Brussels

Tourists and residents alike can enjoy a day at the beach in Brussels, with the opening of Bruxelles les Bains from 2 July. The man-made beach, complete with sun loungers and palm trees, will run...
Brussels News

Brussels residents feel safe

A study by the interior ministry has found that theft, car crime and the threat of violence are the crimes experienced most frequently by Brussels residents. The security monitor, conducted by the Fed...
Brussels News

Free sun beds in Brussels’ parks

Sun worshipers are being encouraged to flock to Brussels
Brussels News

Domestic violence on the rise in Brussels

There was a seven per cent drop in overall crime in 2009 in the northern Brussels zone, according to recent figures released by police authorities. However incidences of neighbourhood disputes, do...
Brussels News

STIB refuses air pollution tests on Brussels metro

Brussels public transport operator Stib has refused to conduct an analysis of air quality in the city
Brussels News

UNESCO World Heritage buildings to have buffer zone

Brussels authorities are to create protective development buffer zones around the city
Brussels News

Brussels STIB reaches agreement over staff cuts

Brussels public transport operator STIB has reached an agreement with unions over proposed budget cuts of
Brussels News

Brussels ranks top in Europe for traffic jams

Brussels is the traffic jam hotspot of Europe. A study by satellite navigator company TomTom analysed driver mobility in 59 European cities and found Brussels to be the most congested. Drivers enc...
Brussels News

CCTV siting Brussels metro

Brussels police are to investigate the placement of surveillance cameras on the city
Brussels News

Rue Neuve to be largest shopping center in Europe

Brussels head of tourism, Philippe Close, wants to install a glass roof on the capital
Brussels News

End of Brussels winter plan puts families back on streets

Experts estimate that hundreds of people, including families with children, will once again face sleeping on the streets as the official winter emergency housing plan ends in Brussels. The plan, w...
Brussels News

Brussels City Administration Centre unveiled

The new face of the Brussels City administrative centre has been unveiled for the first time at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes. Developed and promoted jointly by architects Jaspers and Eyers a...
Brussels News

Brussels tower given green light

Brussels planning committee has given the green light to what will be the tallest building in the city. Secretary of state for planning, Emir Kir, has approved the 41 floor, 140-metre high building th...
Brussels News

Brussels STIB signs Google Transit

Google has launched a smartphone application for Brussels with live timetable information and route planning from the city
Brussels News

Brussels plans to improve mobility

Brussels has announced a renewed initiative to improve traffic mobility and public transport between the city and surrounding areas, which would see increased cycle routes, the extension of public tra...
Brussels News

Prodecor goes solar in Brussels

The single biggest unit of solar production has been installed in Brussels, according to the city
Brussels News

Brussels recycling gets tough

Brussels residents have a new band of investigators on their tail who aren
Brussels News

Brussels Molenbeek on tourist route

City authorities in one of Brussels most deprived areas have invited tourist sightseeing bus tours to include the area of Molenbeek
Brussels News

Brussels burn centre

One of Europe
Brussels News

Brussels fare dodgers go free

Brussels public transport company STIB has found itself in a tight spot after it was told by the Brussels police at the start of its anti-fare evasion campaign that it cannot demand the identity of pe...
Brussels News

Ciamberlani building restored

The renovation of one of Brussels' most important Art Nouveau buildings has finally been completed after five years of work. The privately owned Ciamberlani building is considered a masterpiece of Bel...
Brussels News

Public transport hikes for Brussels

Public transport prices in Brussels are set to rise by up to 19 per cent in 2010. Brussels STIB public transport network has announced an average price rise of 2.53 per cent from February 2010. Howe...
Brussels News

Brussels inaugurates new public toilets

Brussels has armed itself against the epidemic of people urinating on its streets by bringing in a new network of public toilets and urinals. The problem has become such that Brussels deputy mayor for...
Brussels News

Brussels Cambio cars get free parking

Brussels residents using the Cambio car-sharing scheme will now be able to park free of charge anywhere in the city. Cambio allows registered users to hire a range of vehicles, located in spots all ov...
Brussels News

Brussels make plans to cut deficit

Brussels has announced that it will make


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