The Mariner

The Gate Theatre presents the world premiere of a new play about "loyalty, defeat and freedom" by Irish writer Hugo Hamilton, better known for his novels but now starting to write for the stage.

The story is set in 1916 and revolves around a Royal Navy sailor returning from world war one. Initially unable to speak, the sailor has been changed by the war, and a conflict simmers between his wife and his mother. The situation escalates once the sailor's voice slowly returns to him.

The play is directed by Patrick Mason, and stars Sam O'Mahony, Lisa Dwyer Hogg and Ingrid Craigie.

Staged as part of the Dublin Theatre Festival, the production has been described by the Evening Herald as "…touching, intelligent, humorous and heart-wrenching in equal measure."

Mon-Sat 19.30. Sat matinees 14.30 on selected dates.

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Address The Gate Theatre, Cavendish Row, Parnell Square, tel. +353(0)18744045.

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The Mariner

The Gate Theatre, Cavendish Row, Parnell Square, tel. +353(0)18744045.