Rijksmuseum to reopen April 2013

Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum, which has been under restoration for most of the last decade, will reopen to the public on 14 April 2013. During renovations and alterations only the Philips wing of the museum has been open, showing the most famous paintings such as Rembrandt’s Night Watchman.

In addition to the restored buildings, there will be a new arrangement for the display of art works, a new Asian pavilion and a revamped garden, as well as new services for the public.

There is also a new logo by the Dutch designer Irma Boom and a special typeface called de Rijksmuseum developed for the museum by the typeface designer Paul Van der Laan who works for the Bold Monday font foundry.

The Tiffany Foundation announced this summer that it will sponsor one of the new galleries, to be called the Tiffany Gallery, to display the museum’s collection of jewellery which dates from the 8th-century to the 1960s.

The opening exhibition in April 2013 will be “Masterpieces of the Golden Dutch Age”.