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Few private pensions in Madrid

Only one in every five workers in Madrid has a private pension plan, according to a report by the ministry of economy and housing. Around 4.5 million Spaniards hold a private pension plan, into which...
Madrid News

Madrid unemployment highest among immigrants

Almost half of all those unemployed in Madrid are immigrants say city authorities. In 2009 the number of unemployed foreigners in Madrid rose by 82 per cent, while the number of unemployed Spaniards r...
Madrid News

Madrid in top 20

Madrid has been ranked 12th out of a list of 27 cities worldwide for global competitiveness, according to report by Deloitte and Madrid Global, higher than cities such as Sydney, Miami and Berlin....
Madrid News

Sexually transmitted diseases in Madrid rise sharply

The number of reported cases of sexually transmitted diseases in Madrid has more than doubled in the last five years, according to figures released by the Bolet
Madrid News

Madrid bars diesel vehicles

Madrid mayor Alberto Ruiz-Gallard
Madrid News

Madrid gets tough on hoardings

One third of Madrid
Madrid News

Madrid’s pollution causes high death toll

Pollution and poor air quality contribute to more deaths in Madrid every year than road traffic accidents, according to a report produced for Ecologistas en Acci
Madrid News

Madrid claims best pedestrian crossing

The pedestrian crossing on Alcal
Madrid News

Madrid has top wages

Residents of Madrid are the most expensive workers in Spain after those in the Basque country, earning on average
Madrid News

Madrid transport fare rises

Public transport prices in Madrid are to rise by up to 21.7 per cent in 2010 despite the widespread expectation that the
Madrid News

Madrid positive about immigrants

Over 70 per cent of Madrid
Madrid News

Madrid commits to more free wireless hotspots

Madrid is going a step further in its commitment to providing free-to-access wireless internet in the city. It has now activated wireless
Madrid News

More flexibility needed for gifted children

Madrid has over 4,000 gifted students who are experiencing problems at school, says an association set up to forward the cause of especially gifted young people
Madrid News

Madrid’s kids start smoking young

Almost a third of all children in Madrid between the ages of 15 and 16 are smokers, according to a recent study. The same study also found that half of all young people under 18 in Madrid smoke. T...
Madrid News

Poverty in Madrid

More than 13 out of every hundred Madrid residents are living below the poverty line. The proportion has risen from 9.5 per cent of the population to 13.3 per cent over the last four years, according...
Madrid News

Madrid moves up Cushman and Wakefield list.

Madrid has risen up the rankings in the annual Cushman and Wakefield survey of Europe
Madrid News

Madrid police increase prosecutions

The number of people arrested and successfully prosecuted by Madrid
Madrid News

Joaquin Sorolla exhibition breaks records

A retrospective exhibition at Madrid
Madrid News

Madrid taxi protests

For the first time in 30 years Madrid
Madrid News

Madrid rapped over bad health services

Madrid has some of the worst public health service facilities in the whole of Spain, according to a recent report by the Federaci
Madrid News

Carrefour bans plastic bags

French-based retailer Carrefour, the second largest in the world and the largest in Europe, has stopped giving out plastic carrier bags in its Madrid stores. By the end of the year the move will h...
Madrid News

Madrid helps tourists

Tourists in Madrid will now be able to register formal complaints of petty crime at hotels throughout the city, under a new initiative being run until 30 September in conjunction between the city coun...
Madrid News

Madrid residents top of exercise chart

Those Spaniards most likely to take care of their bodies by eating well and exercising are residents of Madrid, according to a recent survey by the Encuesta Nacional de Tendencias Alimenticias y de Cu...
Madrid News

Madrid cost of living drops

Madrid has dropped nine places in the annual Mercer Cost of Living Survey, which ranks the world
Madrid News

Franco stripped of honours

Madrid city council has announced that it has posthumously stripped former Spanish ruler and military dictator General Francisco Franco of all honours it bestowed on him during the time of his rule, f...
Madrid News

Madrid unemployment rises

Madrid was one of only three areas in Spain that saw a rise in unemployment in May. Due to the burst of Spain


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