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Madrid targets Uber

The city's transport department has started legal proceedings against Uber, the privately run taxi-sharing service, for operating without a licence. Uber drivers, who started work in Madrid in Sept...
Madrid News

Madrid bike sharing scheme

Madrid's new bike sharing scheme, which was due to start on 1 May, has now been delayed, with no new date given for the start up. The project, which was awarded to Bonopark under a €25 million...
Madrid News

Iberia pilots willing to cut salaries

Iberia pilots have announced that they are prepared to accept a reduction in salaries of what amounts to 26 per cent. They have also said that they will agree to a 50 per cent reduction in pay for new...
Madrid News

Madrid scraps plan for toll roads

A plan to introduce tolls on motorways around Madrid has now been scrapped. The suggestion was first introduced by the then head of the Madrid government, Esperanza Aguirre, to help with the cost o...
Madrid News

Iberia redundancies ahead

International Airlines Group (IAG), the holding company created out of the merger of Iberia and British Airways, is expected to announce redundancies at Iberia after the company clocked up a €263...
Madrid News

Cycling deaths in Spain increase

Deaths from bicycle accidents in Spain rose 20 per cent in 2010 over the previous year to total 67. In the same year there were 564 serious injuries from bicycle accidents. This ranks Spain as the...
Madrid News

Spain’s drivers get good driving points

Good drivers in Spain are to be awarded an extra point on their licences if they have not lost any points since 2006 when the scheme first came into force. It is estimated that about 16 million dri...
Madrid News

Take the Metro arrests in Madrid

Three people protesting rises in the fares of Madrid metro price have been arrested and face fines from
Madrid News

Ryanair to bill passengers for extra airport fees

Ryanair is expected to ask passengers to pay extra costs on flights already booked out of Spain if the Spanish parliament passes new airport taxes proposed in the budget. The Irish low-cost airline is...
Madrid News

Iberia announces more strikes

Iberia pilots have announced a series of strikes in protest against the company
Madrid News

Iberia pilots confirm Christmas strikes

Iberia pilots have confirmed strikes on 18 And 29 December in protest against the creation of a new low-cost airline, Iberia Express. Ground staff and cabin crew have decided not to join in the indust...
Madrid News


The price of a single ticket on Madrid
Madrid News

Cars pick up speed in Madrid

Motorists may rejoice as the average speed in Madrid
Madrid News

High-speed AVE Madrid Valencia train link opened

The long-awaited Madrid Valencia AVE high-speed rail link opened in December, cutting the previous four-hour journey time to one hour and 35 minutes. A one-way ticket on the 330 kph trains costs
Madrid News

Madrid drivers evade breath testing

Up to 20,000 drivers have eluded alcohol breath tests in Madrid and other areas after the introduction of a real-time service that relays the position of all police breathalyser patrols to anyone with...
Madrid News

Madrid council doesn’t deliver on transport promises

New bus lines, resident parking and sports facilities have fallen foul of the economic crisis in Madrid, as city chiefs make cuts. According to figures released by officials under the Programa Operati...
Madrid News

Road deaths fall by half in Madrid

Latest figures released by city authorities show that the capital has seen a 44 per cent drop in road traffic fatalities since 2004. The city signed the European Road Safety Charter in 2005, with the...
Madrid News

Speeding in Madrid’s M30 tunnels

Almost 40 per cent per cent of Madrid
Madrid News

Madrid bars diesel vehicles

Madrid mayor Alberto Ruiz-Gallard


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