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400 years: Netherlands - Turkey

18 April - 26 August. The Amsterdam Museum is staging numerous exhibitions and events to celebrate the historic economic and diplomatic ties between Turkey and the Netherlands. The exhibition "Cha...
Amsterdam What's on

Klee and Cobra: A Child's Play

30 January - 22 April. An exhibition of over 130 works by Paul Klee, along with a similar number of works by artists including Karel Appel, Constant, Corneille, Eug
Amsterdam What's on

The Dutch East Indies at Home: Traces of a Colonial Past

Until 30 January. The Amsterdam Museum Geelvinck presents the third exhibition in the series "Asia from the Heart" by focusing on the last remnants of the former Dutch East Indies colony which still e...
Amsterdam What's on

Over the Red Light District

9 December - 20 January. ARCAM Amsterdam Centre for Architecture stages an exhibition entitled Over the Red Light District that outlines urban redevelopment proposals for the city's red light quarter....
Amsterdam What's on

The Tale of the Whale: from sea monster to endangered species

Until 31 Dec. The National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam presents an exhibition that examines the whale's transformation in the eyes of humans, from sea monster, to prey, to endangered species. In t...
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Talent 2011

14 October - 15 December. The work of the 15 winners of Foam's annual photography competition Talent 2011 is presented in an exhibition format for the first time. Reflecting the current trends and...
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17 Sept-16 March 2012. The Hermitage museum in Amsterdam presents a selection of works from the Flemish art collection of the St Petersburg Hermitage. Comprising 75 paintings and about 20 drawings...
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Dutch Girls: Top Models of the Golden Age

7 Sept-12 Dec. The Rijksmuseum presents an exhibition of nine sumptuous portraits of women from Holland's Golden Age, painted by artists such as Frans Hals, Isaak Luttichuys, Caesar van Everdingen and...
Amsterdam What's on

Genius without Talent

16 July-2 Oct. Against a background of the ever-growing opportunities for ordinary people to take to the stage, either through "talent shows" or the internet, the De Appel arts centre hosts a group ex...
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From Dada to Surrealism: Jewish Avant-Garde Artists from Romania

1 June-2 October. The Jewish Historical Museum presents an exhibition of over 70 paintings by Jewish avant-garde artists from Romania. The works date from 1910-1938 and many have never been on dis...
Amsterdam What's on

Dutch Flowers

6 April-5 September. Including nine uplifting floral paintings from the Rijksmuseum collection, this exhibition focuses on the fact that in 17th-century Holland cut flowers were a luxury associated wi...
Amsterdam What's on

Kiefer & Rembrandt at Rijksmuseum

7 May-4 July. Leading German artist Anselm Kiefer was invited by the Rijksmuseum to create a work of art inspired by The Night Watch, painted by Rembrandt in 1642 and arguably the museum's most famous...
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1 April - 8 June 2011. Organisers of this group exhibition at the Amsterdam Photography Museum (FOAM) highlight the fact that photojournalism is undergoing something of a renaissance. Continuing advan...
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The Dutch Wilderness

15 March - 20 June. The Rijksmuseum presents a collection of over 20 of its 17th century-drawings and prints of sand dune landscapes. Described by Huigen Leeflang, curator of prints at the Rijksmuseum...
Amsterdam What's on

Picasso in Paris 1900-1907

18 February - 29 May. The Van Gogh Museum traces Picasso's early career by documenting his arrival in Paris in 1900 at the age of 19. His interaction with the leading lights of the Paris art world at...
Amsterdam What's on

Tommaso Polezza della Porta at the Rijksmuseum

22 February - 4 April 2011. The latest addition to the collection of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is a terracotta sculpture by the Italian master Tommaso Porlezza della Porta (c.1546-1606) which was b...
Amsterdam What's on

Joris Jansen: Kosmos

15 January - 23 March 2011. Amsterdam's Photography Museum presents Kosmos, an ingenious exhibit by Joris Jansen, recipient of the prestigious photographic award, the Steenbergen Stipendium in 2009....
Amsterdam What's on

Dutch winters from the Rijksmuseum collection

24 November - 21 March 2011. The Rijksmuseum Schiphol displays a selection of 17th- and 19th-century works from its collection depicting the theme of winter. Due to its brutal winters the period betwe...
Amsterdam What's on

Breaking with Tradition: CoBrA and Aboriginal Art

11 November 2010 - 8 May 2011. The exhibition in the Museum of Contemporary Aboriginal Art explores the influence that the CoBrA art movement has had on the development of modern Aboriginal art. F...


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