Until 31 Dec. The National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam presents an exhibition that examines the whale's transformation in the eyes of humans, from sea monster, to prey, to endangered species.

In the 16th century, Dutch sailor Willem Barentsz began whaling in the Arctic Ocean, and by the 18th century there was a fortune being made in whale-derived products such as baleen and oil.

In the 19th century, the Dutch whaling industry petered out but resumed in the aftermath of the second world war. Against increasing international opposition from environmentalists, the last whaling expedition took place in 1964.

The exhibition, intended for children upwards of age six, shows how mankind's image of whales has changed over the centuries.

Recently reopened after four years of renovation, the National Maritime Museum presents the seafaring history of the Netherlands through interactive exhibitions, voyage simulations and life-sized replicas of seafaring vessels.

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Address 09.00-17.00 National Maritime museum, Oosterdok 2, Amsterdam, tel. +31205232222.

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The Tale of the Whale: from sea monster to endangered species

09.00-17.00 National Maritime museum, Oosterdok 2, Amsterdam, tel. +31205232222.