Oost area

A description of all the buildings in the eastern quarter would be extensive: the small sub-district of the Transvaalbuurt alone was dubbed laboratory of urban renewal because of the different styles of building in the area (see www.transvaalbuurt.nl for pictures).

Oost contains both the luxury houses of the Oosterparkbuurt and the small, not to say cramped, houses of the Transvaal and Dapperbuurt, and neighbourhoods such as Betondorp, which are still dominated by true Amsterdammers whose families have lived there for many generations. Allowing for the Dutch climate, Oost offers plenty of facilities for indoor sports (especially skating and badminton). Small apartments start at 220, whereas the rent for a small home can be as low as 400 per month.

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Address Amsterdam-Oost, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Oost area

Amsterdam-Oost, Amsterdam, Netherlands