Noord area

The north of Amsterdam (that is, everything north of the river IJ) also comprises the low buildings from the 1920s in the Bloemenbuurt. Although some parts (such as Markengouw, with its 1950s buildings) are having trouble with young immigrant, in general Noord has a relatively quiet, almost suburban feel about it.

The fact that it is relatively hard to get to the rest of the city from here only adds to that, but after the north-south metro line is finished this problem should be solved. Apartments in Noord cost 200-400, a small house (95 sqm), 750 to 950. For cultural entertainment, Noord has the yearly docklands theatre festival. Having more space than the crowded city centre, there is room for sports-fields and yachting harbours. Just beyond the city borders is the Twiske-lake and recreation area, suitable for sailing, windsurfing and diving. If all goes well (so far, investors havent been queuing up) in 2007, the centre of Amsterdam Noord will sport the Amsterdam Dome, a large hall able to hold 15,000 for sporting and musical events.

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Address Amsterdam Noord, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Noord area

Amsterdam Noord, Amsterdam, Netherlands