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Train derails and lands on a whale's tail

The accident that took place in Spijkenisse, near Rotterdam, where a train on the city's metro line derailed at the end of the line and got suspended 10 meters high, could have turned into a tragedy....
Amsterdam News

Amsterdam Central Station damaged by subway works

Cracks appear in Amsterdam station building due to subway excavation. Structural damage to the façade of the Amsterdam Central Station is the result of excavation works relating to the ongoing Noor...
Amsterdam News

Amsterdam tackles attacks on public transport

Spitting at Amersterdam's drivers and inspectors on the increase. Security workers on Amsterdam's trams and buses have been issued with special kits to collect DNA from anti-social passengers who s...
Amsterdam News

Electrical taxis at Schipol airport

Over 160 electrical driven taxis started working between Schipol international airport and Amsterdam in mid October. Two taxi services, BIOS-Groen and BBF SchipolTaxi, with support from the city, n...
Amsterdam News

UberPop launches in Amsterdam

The smartphone taxi service UberPop launched in Amsterdam on 30 July. The Uber App connects passengers with unlicensed drivers, providing a ride that is about 50 per cent lower than the standard taxi...
Amsterdam News

Parking fines in Amsterdam hit record

Revenue from parking fines in Amsterdam totaled €166 million in 2013 or €9 million more than in 2012. This is partly due to an increase in the parking spaces available, in part to an incr...
Amsterdam News

Amsterdam gets scooter taxis

To add to its already excellent and varied public transport system Amsterdam now has a scooter taxi company, called Hopper, launched at the beginning of October. The price of a single ride is a flat-r...
Amsterdam News

Schipol airport on high alert

Schipol airport was on alert on 29 August because of the suspected highjacking of a Vueling plane with 180 passengers enroute from Malaga in Spain. The plane was escorted by F16 fighters to Schipol...
Amsterdam News

Road deaths down in Netherlands

Road deaths and traffic jams are down in the Netherlands according to figures from the ministry of transport. In 2011 deaths fell from 81 to 67 in 2011. The Netherlands has a population of 16.6 millio...
Amsterdam News

KLM to run flights on used cooking oil

The Netherlands flagship carrier KLM has announced that, from September, it will begin running flights between Amsterdam and Paris fuelled by used cooking oil. More than 200 flights on the route w...
Amsterdam News

First electric taxis on the road in Amsterdam

The first electric taxis in Amsterdam are now on the road. Authorities claim they are a cost effective way of reducing pollution and will help meet new air quality regulations introduced in May. O...
Amsterdam News

Direct Amsterdam Maastricht air route from summer 2011

Swedish airline Sverigeflyg has announced that it will begin operations this summer three times daily on weekdays from Amsterdam's Schiphol airport to Maastricht Aachen airport, under the brand Wings...
Amsterdam News

Amsterdam taxi fares among highest in world

Amsterdam is one of the most expensive cities in the world in which to take a taxi journey, according to a survey by price comparison website www.priceoftravel.com, which measured the price of a three...
Amsterdam News

Complaints against parking fines spiral in Amsterdam

Almost half of all complaints against parking fines in Amsterdam are upheld, says Dutch News online. Daily newspaper Telegraaf reports that 14,000 complaints were made against tickets in Amsterdam in...
Amsterdam News

Dutch government misled over Schiphol dangers

Dutch government misled over Schiphol dangers The Dutch transport ministry has deliberately concealed the negative consequences of Amsterdam


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