Amsterdam gets scooter taxis

To add to its already excellent and varied public transport system Amsterdam now has a scooter taxi company, called Hopper, launched at the beginning of October. The price of a single ride is a flat-rate €2.50 so it is on a par with the bus and tram system. Payment is by cash or credit card.

The service operates from 08.00-20.00 Monday to Friday in the ZuidAs area of the city and clients can either flag down the lime-green scooters in the street, call for a ride or book on the website.

At the moment the company has 100 electrically-powered scooters that have an autonomy of 130 km on a fully-charged battery. Hopper says that if it is successful in Amsterdam it could expand to The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht.

Hopper has private and public financial support and has the backing of the city and national railways.

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