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Amsterdam News

Amsterdam benefits for city employees

Amsterdam city council spent over
Amsterdam News

Amsterdam gets tough on alcohol abuse

According to Dutch News Amsterdamcity council has drawn up a raft of new measures designed to help counteract the surge of alcohol abuse in young people in the city. As part of the measures, the city...
Amsterdam News

Amsterdam deer cull

Dutch News online reports that Amsterdam city council has been ordered to cull wild deer living in the national park dune area between the resort towns of Zandvoort and Noordwijk to the west of the ci...
Amsterdam News

Schipol to get computerised body scanners

According to the Telegraaf newspaper, automated total body scanners will shortly replace human searches at Schipol airport completely. The controversial x-ray scanners, which can see through a perso...
Amsterdam News

Amsterdam uses Cisco’s Urban EcoMap

Amsterdam has gone head to head with the American city of San Francisco to see which is the more eco friendly. In conjunction with technology company Cisco, Amsterdam has launched Urban EcoMap, which...
Amsterdam News

Amsterdam needs to cut budget

Amsterdam City council needs to make
Amsterdam News

Electric cars to recharge free

Drivers of electric cars in Amsterdam can now recharge their vehicles free of charge at one of the city
Amsterdam News

Amsterdam University freezing eggs for single women

Dutch News online reports that Amsterdam University
Amsterdam News

Amsterdam residents favour of new metro line

According to Dutch News, research by Amsterdam city council has found that 60 per cent of residents are in favour of the council finishing construction on the city
Amsterdam News

Direct Wonen losses licence

One of the Netherlands
Amsterdam News

Cleaning up Amsterdam’s red light district

Amsterdam is to speed up its plans to gentrify the city
Amsterdam News

Amsterdam rents monument on eBay

It seems that the Ebay effect has finally made its way to the very heart of bureaucracy, after Amsterdam city council put one of the city
Amsterdam News

New director for Anne Frank Museum

The director of the Anne Frank Foundation, Hans Westra, who has held the post for 27 years, has announced his resignation. The Foundation, based in Amsterdam, is responsible for running the museum of...
Amsterdam News

Testing for hepatitis C

Residents of Amsterdam are being offered free tests for the virus hepatitis C during a campaign by the public health service Gezond Amsterdam (GGD) to raise awareness of the disease. Hepatitis C, whic...
Amsterdam News

Funding cuts for Islamic school group

An Islamic school group in Amsterdam is to lose part of its local and government funding after a recent critical report by the state education inspectorate. The As Siddieq school group, which has thre...
Amsterdam News

Special clinic for swine flu sufferers

Residents of Amsterdam worried about suspected swine flu can now go directly to the city
Amsterdam News

Amsterdam-Rotterdam high speed rail service.

The new Netherlands high-speed rail link (HSL), which will slash journey times between Amsterdam and Rotterdam by 20 minutes to 43 minutes, is scheduled to commence service on 7 September, the Dutch m...
Amsterdam News

Warnings about dangerous criminals.

The mayor of Amsterdam is to be notified when any serious violent criminals or sex attackers are being released on parole or temporary basis to homes in the Amsterdam area, reports Dutch News. An a...
Amsterdam News

English in Amsterdam.

English is to become the second official language of Amsterdam city council, reports the Telegraaf. Championed by liberal democrat D66 party councillor Jan Paternotte, who promotes Amsterdam as a
Amsterdam News

Stolen Bijbels Museum artefacts found in New York

The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) has recovered seven ancient Egyptian items stolen from Amsterdam
Amsterdam News

Famous Berckheyde goes home

After twists and turns worthy of a Hollywood movie, the 17th-century Dutch masterpiece, The Bend in the Herengracht near the Nieuwe Spielgelstraat in Amsterdam, by Gerrit Adriaensz Berckheyde, is now...
Amsterdam News

Amsterdam gets tough on taxis

Amsterdam city council has announced new measures, in force from 1 June, to tackle ongoing problems with licensed taxi drivers at Amsterdam
Amsterdam News

Turkish Airlines plane crashed with US military radar information.

The Telegraaf newspaper has reported that the Turkish Airlines plane that crashed at Amsterdam
Amsterdam News

Getting tougher on squatters.

Squatters in Amsterdam face tougher action against them if the city mayor, Job Cohen, gets his way. The city council has announced that it will continue to evict


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