The National Museum of Denmark presents a major cross-cultural exhibition centred around the 37-m Viking ship Ægir, the world’s longest Viking ship.

The vessel will be exhibited for the first time since it was found at Roskilde in 1997, in the museum's 1,000-sqm exhibition hall called Egmonthallen.

The museum's viking exhibition is the largest of its kind in 20 years and the themes it highlights are war and expansion, power and aristocracy, rituals and beliefs, and cultural contacts and trade.

On display are museum artefacts from 12 European countries, including hoards of gold and silver from England, Russia and Norway, and the famous chess pieces shaped as Viking warriors found in Scotland.

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Address Nationalmuseet, Ny Vestergade 10, tel. +4533134411.

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Nationalmuseet, Ny Vestergade 10, tel. +4533134411.