The Canary Islands standing out as the ‘Hollywood of Europe’

The Canary Islands are undoubtedly among the most popular filming destinations for Hollywood production crews.

It’s no surprise that the welcoming Canarian hospitality keeps drawing in the cinema’s finest producers and talent.

The seven islands clustered on the Northwestern African coast are not only a prime time gateway spot for Europeans anymore. The huge stars we see on cinema blockbusters are finding it hard to resist its charm.

Landscapes dotted with mountainous regions, wild beaches, and natural parks are perfect filming spots for just about any movie. The top four peaks in Spanish territory are found here, not forgetting the Mars-like panoramas and black sandy beaches. The wealth of life within these landscapes is spread across every corner of the planet creating a different world from the other.

Cinema’s finest

Blockbusters such as Jason Bourne, Star Wars, and Wonder Woman 2 were all filmed on the islands. Much of the Jason Bourne movie was shot at Tenerife, where Matt Damon played a starring role. Solo: A Star Wars Story Lucasfilms standalone film, was partly filmed at the Canary Island of Fuerteventura. The depiction of a 360-degree filming environment marked by sweeping desserts and sand dunes was perfect for portraying an alien planet. Israeli actress Gal Galdot, who headlines the Wonder Woman 2 movie, was filming part of their shoot at the dunes of Tenerife, the largest of the seven Canary Islands. Other iconic movies are; 



Gran Canaria

Why the appeal?

The Canaries offers film studios a 35% tax credit incentive on top of a secluded yet diverse set of landscapes. All new companies enjoy a corporate tax rate of 4%. For the first €1m spent on the island, you get a rebate of 45 to 50 percent. No other place in the globe offers a similar tax incentive. 

The island offers visitors everything to learn from the language, customs, and excellent foods. Only worry out here is adjusting to the local desalinated taste of drinking water and heat exhaustion. Other than that, it’s a place after god’s own heart. 

The Canaries boasts 15,000 kilometers of sprawling coastline, sandy beaches, and sunny skies. No better way to duck the depressive winter spell than opting for the warm Atlantic Ocean sunshine.  Out here tales of clouds rolling down the hills and snowy winters are fairy tales told to small children or watched in movies. 

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The Canary Islands standing out as the ‘Hollywood of Europe’

Canary Islands, Spain

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