Arnold Schwarzenegger joins the campaign for a careful reopening of Hungarian Gyms


Ádám Szedlacskó, one of the owners of Hungary’s largest gyms has filed a petition asking the government for meaningful assistance.

He pointed out how places were burdened with bills amounting in the millions, a situation primarily caused by closures and restrictions due to covid-19. In a live televised appearance on Hungary’s Channel ATV Straight Talk program, a call was made to Austrian-American Hollywood icon, bodybuilder, and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger. During the live show, he expressed his opinion on gyms to remain open provided appropriate precautions were taken. 

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The show’s main guest Adam is the owner of Flex Gym and shared the details behind the petition that gym owners sent to the government asking for assistance with the epidemic situation. Gyms countrywide shutdown in spring after the first wave of the epidemic hit resulting in a situation where they have accumulating mounting debts. 

The close relationship between Mr.Szedlacskó’s close and Schwarzenegger was a major highlight of the show. Adam disclosed meeting Arnold n 2015 and remaining in touch ever since, even playing online chess games on a daily basis.

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He even pointed out how the Hollywood actor gave him occasional advice on how to overcome his gym troubles. Arnold joined the show on Szedlacskó’s at this point and was asked by András Simon to describe his everyday life during this closing period. 

During the call, Mr. Schwarzenegger revealed that he trains and cycles every day. He related the gym situation facing Hungary to that in America. However, he quickly added that proper ventilation, wearing masks, and the use of hand disinfectant could alleviate the need for complete closures. 

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According to Szedlacskó, there wasn’t much difference between a person in a parking lot and another in the gym. He gave the number of people regularly visiting the gym at 1 million highlighting that the closures affect over 20,000 workers. 

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He described a willingness to abide by whatever regulation the operative board demands provided the gyms remain open in January. At the moment gyms and other indoor sports facilities are closed in both Austria and Hungary. Those training outdoors should maintain a one-meter minimum distance apart from each other. 

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