Hitler bunker exhibit causes controversy in Berlin

Berlin Story Museum accused of bad taste for showing replica of Hitler bunker.

The Berlin Story Museum has courted controversy after displaying a replica of part of the bunker where Adolf Hitler spent the final phase of world war two.

The newly-unveiled exhibit contains a scale model and reconstruction of some of the living quarters and offices of the Führerbunker in which Hitler committed suicide on 30 April 1945.

The curator of the Berlin Story Museum, Wieland Giebel, denies it is a "Hitler show", claiming the bunker replica is a site of “learning and remembrance”, and is part of larger exhibition showing the conditions of an air-raid shelter in wartime Berlin.

However the display has been criticised by management at Berlin's Topography of Terror, an archive history museum which documents Nazi war crimes. Outlining its role in “explaining history” by “sticking to the facts”, a museum spokesperson said that it could “not support” the exhibit, adding: "Sensationalism isn't our thing."

The Berlin Story Museum exhibiton, housed in an air-raid shelter, has generated further controversy over the fact that it is located about 2km from the site of the original bunker, which was demolished long ago.