British nature advocate Sir David Attenborough receives Covid-19 vaccine

Sir David Attenborough, renowned British naturalist, and TV host received the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. He adds to the list of prolific yet revered personalities to take the dose. 

The representative of the 94-year-old historian confirmed the news to the media. As a national and international icon who champions environmental conservation, he is known for informative documentaries such as “Blue Planet”. The exact vaccine administered is yet to be disclosed. 

Queen Elizabeth, the Duke of Edinburgh, are the two most prominent royalty to have taken the Covid-19 vaccine. Three vaccines have received approval for public administration. On December 8, the UK started vaccinating its citizens with the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. Other notable stars who have taken the vaccine are actors Sir Ian McKellen and Brian Blessed, actress Dame Joan Collins, and choreographer Prue Leith.

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Sir David Attenborough has always expressed his endorsement for the development of a vaccine.  Despite spending the bulk of his 2020 grounded indoors, he still remains steadfast on the climate change campaign. Sir David has been practically everywhere traveling the world from the North to South pole, and everywhere in-between. 

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The vaccine rollout will be in two phases; the first involving the most vulnerable in society and the second fixated on the public. The top four priority groups account for 88% of all coronavirus deaths - that is the older care home residents, citizens over 70, frontline NHS workers, and the clinically vulnerable. 

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