The Barcelona city council is to cede land to the Catalan government for the construction of 16 primary schools and 13 secondary schools in the capital. Around 150 million is to be invested in the 2006-2010 Mapa Escolar (school map) for Barcelona which will also see the renovation and modernisation of existing schools. Demographic projections for 2010 indicate an increase in the school age population, with 14,500 more children in the 3-12 age range and 1,950 more aged between 12-16 predicted. Under the new model Mapa Escolar, registration for schools will remain unchanged but each primary school will be assigned two or three secondary schools and each secondary school three four or five primary schools. This system should ensure coordinated education policies among the schools, making transition from primary to secondary easier for students. The new model will be operational for the 2007-2008 scholastic year.