Dublin's mayor Gerry Breen has added his voice to calls for new legislation to abolish the Smithfield horse fair in the city centre following an incident in which two men were injured after being shot.

It is the latest example of anti-social behaviour to take place at the site, which was attended by around 4,500 people at the time.

Citing the proximity to the Luas tramline and the city centre crowds, the mayor described the market's location as unsuitable but admitted that the council did not have resources to provide an alternative venue. The Dublin branch of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA) also called for its closure.

Used as a horse market since the mid-17th century, its ancient trading rights prohibit Dublin City Council from closing it down, something they have sought to do for over a decade. The fair was temporarily banned in 2002 after a horse bolted and collided with an occupied car on the quays but the traders soon returned claiming it was their right.