American Democrats abroad vote on Super Tuesday

On March 3rd 2020, Super Tuesday encouraged American voters to participate in the Global Presidential Primary Election. 

Of these voting participants, includes American expats residing or studying abroad. On Super Tuesday, U.S. Democratic Party voters had the opportunity to register and cast their votes at one of the various poll stations held by Democrats Abroad

Many countries and main cities across Europe held ballot events dedicated in assisting expats abroad to practice their right in voting.  For some, exercising this right can be confusing and difficult for those living abroad.

However, finding a nearby location that hosts voting registration and poll stations at a nearby location becomes more conveniently efficient and credible when submitting a vote from across the world. Democrats Abroad is the United States of America’s official Democratic Party’s organization that provides useful voting services for those residing abroad.

The organization’s volunteers strive in ensuring U.S. voters with answering all concerns, questions and information in having their vote count.  The poll stations known as Ballot Assistance Events, (BAE) are events providing these helpful resources and services for voters worldwide.

With the organization's locations of over 200 event stations abroad, they include locations in the Europe, Middle East and African continent. Today, voters can register and cast their ballot online.  However, attending a local U.S.poll station in person, often raises the enthusiasm that often derives during the presidential election time.   

In Rome, On Super Tuesday, Almost Corner Bookshop in Trastevere (Via del Moro, 45) hosted Democrats Abroad’s BAE voting event, here in Rome. Many of the voting attendees included staff and students members from the local American universities. For a few of the university students, it was their very first election to participate in. All seemed compelled and patriotic. Many found it conveniently useful to encourage other voters and share the event to expats friends abroad on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. The Almost Corner Bookshop will host an additional opportunity for Democratic voters who have not voted yet, this coming Saturday March 7th.  

U.S. voters can submit their vote until the 10th of March 2020 and are encouraged to participate in the Presidential Candidate election in November 2020. 

For further information about Democrats Abroad events, locations and volunteer opportunities, visit democrats abroad.

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