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Revolution and Civil War in Finland 1918

11 September - 30 December 2010. Less than 100 years ago, Finland was in the grips of a bloody civil war - part of the turmoil caused by the first world war. The Finnish civil war was fought from 27 J...
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Anselm Kiefer: Art and myth

10 September - 9 January 2011. The final segment of a four-part exhibition series of prominent post-war German artists, the Louisiana museum presents the work of Anselm Kiefer. As a painter Kiefer is...
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Bob Dylan: The Brazil Series

4 September 2010 - 30 January 2011. Robert Allen Zimmerman, or Bob Dylan as he is better known, has long been hailed as a talented songsmith, a poet, some might even say prophet; something he is less...
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Katharina Grosse: Utopia

Until 7 November 2010. Under the quirky subtitle "Hello Little Butterfly I Love You What's Your Name?" Katharina Grosse presents her latest installation of three dimensional painting in ARKEN. Using a...
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29 May - 25 September 2010.
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Puppet Theatre in King's Garden

Until 31 August 2010. All summer long, regardless of the weather, the old puppet theatre in King's Garden stages free performances for children. One of Denmark's oldest theatrical venues, this oasis o...
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Sophie Calle

23 June - 26 September 2010. Celebrated French artist Sophie Calle often stars in her installations as the focal point and origin of the story she wishes to tell, such as in 'Prenez Soin De Vous' from...
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Warhol after Munch

4 June - 12 September 2010. In what might seem a profoundly odd juxtaposition, this exhibition contrasts the work of Edvard Munch and Andy Warhol. Munch (1863 - 1944) is widely regarded as a leading e...
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Denmark's photo collection on show

27 March - 29 August 2010. Over the last 30 years Denmark's National Gallery has continuously acquired photography for inclusion in its Royal Collection of Prints and Drawings. The 250 photographs...
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Copenhagen Castle Concerts

6 May - 26 August 2010. Classical concerts by the Royal Danish Academy of Music can be enjoyed throughout the summer in idyllic locations in the Copenhagen area. Beginning in May, the first concer...
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Flow Glow

4 February - 28 November 2010. Copenhagen's Museum of Modern Glass Art presents 'Flow Glow', an exhibition of work by Swedish glass artist G
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25 March - 31 August 2010. In 1583 Kirsten Piil discovered a water spring in Dyrehaven Park which provided the idea for Bakken, now the world's oldest amusement park. Over the centuries the park has r...
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Frederik VIII's Palace

27 February - 30 May 2010. A once-off opportunity presents itself for those interested in seeing the home of Denmark's future king, Crown Prince Frederik VIII. His palace at Copenhagen's Amalienbo...
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Emil Nolde and Denmark

21 January - 9 May 2010. This exhibition devotes itself to examining the links between the art of German artist Emil Nolde and his relationship with Denmark. One of the first Expressionists, Nolde enj...
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Oluf Høst

Until 5 April 2010. Oluf H
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Homo Sapiens Sapiens

7 January - 25 April 2010. The Louisiana Hall Gallery provides viewers with an unusual vantage point from which to view Pipilotti Rist's video installation. The popular Swiss artist has designed low,...
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Songs from the Cold Seas

Until 6 March 2010. Combining the artwork of two contemporary artists working in Greenland with early documentary photographs from the museum's collection, 'Songs from the Cold Sea' sheds light on Gre...
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8 November 2009 - 12 June 2010. The Glyndebourne Festival Opera's staging of Carmen is currently running at the Rayal Danish Theatre in Copenhagen. George Bizet's story revolves around a gypsy girl...
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Faith, Love and Hope

6 October 2009 - 7 February 2010. The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art presents an exhibition of 200 photographs taken by activist photographer Jacob Holdt. Holdt has been capturing 'behind-the-facade'...


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