Vesterbro is situated in the western part of the city, near the centre. This quarter has changed a great deal over the last ten years; it used to be a working-class quarter and renowned red-light district, but it has now become one of the hippest places to live and go out. There are still plenty of sex-shops along Istedgade but the buildings, parks and streets have been given an overhaul and the social structure and organisation are consequently much improved. Cafes, restaurants, bars and shops are popping up and there is a lively nightlife; Vega and Ideal-bar in particular attract many people. The price of accommodation is rising constantly but otherwise it is not an expensive area to live in; greengrocers and butchers for example have low prices. The main railway station is located on the border between Vesterbro and the city centre, making it easy to reach other parts of Copenhagen and Denmark. Public transport is also efficient, although residents still prefer to move around by bicycle.

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Address Vesterbro, Copenhagen

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Vesterbro, Copenhagen