Wed, 19 June 2024
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Copenhagen News

Copenhagen gets more air routes

Copenhagen airport is to get six new routes this spring from privately owned Danish airline Cimber Sterling. The airline will now be running twice daily routes into London Gatwick on Boeing 737s, thre...
Copenhagen News

Free Sundays on Copenhagen railways

National rail operator DSB is giving free travel to all Copenhagen residents on the first Sunday of every month, to tie in with the city
Copenhagen News

Computer chips to stop bike theft

Copenhagen city council is to continue with its new programme of giving away free identifying computer chips for bicycle owners, despite claims that thieves can easily remove them, says the Copenhagen...
Copenhagen News

New traffic proposals for Nørrebrogade

Only public transport and essential delivery vehicles could be allowed to use Copenhagen
Copenhagen News

Prosecuting public transport fare forgers

The Copenhagen Post reports that fare dodgers on the city
Copenhagen News

Bus tickets by sms

The move by transport company Movia, in January this year, to allow tickets for public transport to be bought via SMS, has been far more successful than first anticipated, reports Politiken newspaper....
Copenhagen News

Mobile phones used to chart Copenhagen commuters.

Copenhagen traffic authorities are to use commuters
Copenhagen News

Copenhagen public transport fails to attract more passengers.

Passenger numbers on the Greater Copenhagen public transport network have remained practically stationary since 2002 despite the Dkk25 billion spent on improvements over the past five years, according...
Copenhagen News

Copenhagen central station upgrade completed.

A gala fanfare by the Royal Norwegian Guard Tattoo has marked the completion of a two-year upgrade of Copenhagen
Copenhagen News

Copenhagen to boost public transport and parklands.

Regional authorities have presented a new development plan for Copenhagen providing for the expansion and improvement of its public transport network and green spaces. Environmental concerns are not...
Copenhagen News

Car sharing in Copenhagen.

Car-sharing clubs in Copenhagen have almost doubled their membership over the last three years according to a survey by the Jyllands-Posten newspaper. Around 4,200 people are now willing to pay the Dk...
Copenhagen News

Bikes in Copenhagen: Warning lights for cyclists.

The Copenhagen city council has approved the installation of warning lights at intersections where cycle paths cross main roads. Built into the paths
Copenhagen News

Copenhagen's public tranport: Mini-buses for Copenhagen’s centre city.

As of next year, environmentally-friendly electric mini-buses will be navigating the narrow cobbled streets of Copenhagen
Copenhagen News

Copenhagen taxi flag-drop prices to rise.

Hailing a cab on the streets of the Danish capital is to cost more than double as of 1 June this year, with flag-drop prices increasing from Dkk19 to Dkk40. The price hike is aimed at encouraging more...
Copenhagen News

Meters activated in three new parking zones.

New parking regulations have come into effect in three of the five designated
Copenhagen News

New cycle regulations for Copenhagen.

Cyclists who park their bikes illegally could soon be liable to a Dkk100 fine as part of a new package of proposals to regulate cycling in the Danish capital. Other measures include authorising city c...
Copenhagen News

Transport for integration in Copenhagen schools.

A new bus project organized by the city council is promoting integration in Copenhagen schools. Aimed at reducing the high percentages of immigrant children in certain Copenhagen schools, the scheme p...


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