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Bicycle highways to come to Copenhagen

Copenhagen has begun turning its cycle pathways into four-metre wide bike highways complete with pit stops for pumping up tyres and fixing broken chains. City authorities have pledged to increase...
Copenhagen News

Copenhagen wins European Consumer Choice award

Copenhagen has been named Destination of the Year 2011 in the European Consumers Choice awards. In a survey conducted by the consumers association it won first place, ahead of Barcelona, Berlin and Ro...
Copenhagen News

Traffic safety measures bearing fruit in Copenhagen

Figures released by city authorities show that the number of serious road traffic accidents in Copenhagen has dropped by 30 per cent over the last five years, reports the Copenhagen Post. A spokes...
Copenhagen News

Multi-million kroner building projects approved for Copenhagen

Copenhagen city council has approved renovation and building projects totalling 9.8 billion kroner over the next four years, reports the Copenhagen Post. Particular emphasis will be on projects in...
Copenhagen News

New United Nations site for Copenhagen

Construction has begun on a site for a 28,000 sqm complex of offices for the United Nations (UN) offices in Copenhagen. Work is expected to be finished by 2012, reports the Copenhagen Post. The ne...
Copenhagen News

DSB faces competition from Swedes

Danish transport operator DSB is to face competition on its Copenhagen Odense service, as Swedish rail operator SJ is to run a high-speed service on the line using its high-speed X2000 train, reports...
Copenhagen News

Copenhagen University Hospital to lose staff

Copenhagen University Hospital to lose more front line staff Copenhagen
Copenhagen News

Hotel prices decline in Denmark

The price of a hotel room in Denmark has fallen seven per cent in the first two quarters of 2010 over the same period in 2009, according to a survey by bookings portal hotel price index (HP...
Copenhagen News

Record month for Kastrup airport

August was the busiest month in Copenhagen
Copenhagen News

Unemployment in public housing areas goes up in Denmark

The number of ghettos in Denmark has nearly doubled in the last year according to the ministry of social affairs. A ghetto is defined as public housing areas with 1,000 inhabitants and over 40 per...
Copenhagen News

Copenhagen gets new cultural centre

City authorities have approved the budget for a new cultural centre for homosexuals, bisexuals and transvestites, according to Politiken newspaper reports the Copenhagen Post. Funds for the projec...
Copenhagen News

Copenhagen looks after its bikes

Copenhagen bicyclists may get new-look bicycles in 2013 according to the Copenhagen Post. The bikes used in the bike-sharing scheme, which has been going for the last 15 years, are beginning to look a...
Copenhagen News

Copenhagen may lose accident and emergency units

Emergency wards and small hospitals in the capital region may face closure due to swingeing budget cuts, says the Copenhagen Post. Those affected include Frederiksund, Helsing
Copenhagen News

Chlamydia rates on the increase in Copenhagen

Copenhagen city council has launched a campaign to combat the rising number of young people contracting the sexually transmitted disease chlamydia, says the Copenhagen Post. Figures from the State...
Copenhagen News

Ryanair targets Copenhagen

Low cost airline Ryanair has applied for permission for 23 new routes from Copenhagen airport. Copenhagen airport is to open a new terminal, CPH Swift, specifically designed for low-cost carriers late...
Copenhagen News

Copenhagen women have more sexual partners

Women living in Copenhagen are twice as likely to have had more than 10 sexual partners than those living outside the capital, reports the Copenhagen Post online. According to a study carried out...
Copenhagen News

Diesel fumes link to increased deaths in Copenhagen

Incidences of strokes rise by over 20 per cent in the days following high pollution levels, says a recent study published in the European Heart Journal. The study showed that when levels of ultra-...
Copenhagen News

No fall in Copenhagen pollution levels

Levels of carbon dioxide have stayed constant in Copenhagen over the last few years, despite the city
Copenhagen News

Egypt Air to fly from Copenhagen

Egypt Air is to begin a direct route from Copenhagen to Cairo from November this year. The opening up of a direct route to north Africa has been praised by Danish industry, which sees increased access...
Copenhagen News

Copenhagen encourages pedestrians

City chiefs are planning to improve facilities for pedestrians and increase pedestrian traffic in the city by 20 per cent over the next five years, reports the Copenhagen Post. Tourism experts, th...
Copenhagen News

Copenhagen gets anti-discrimation hotline

Copenhagen city council has set up a hotline to provide legal advice on race, gender, disability and sexual discrimination, says the Copenhagen Post. A recent study by the council showed that 60,0...
Copenhagen News

Schools healthy eating plan has low take-up

The 100 million kroner healthy-eating school lunch plan Eat, which was launched in more than 40 of the city
Copenhagen News

Antifascistisk Action group rented from Copenhagen council

An extreme left-wing group under investigation by the Danish security and intelligence service (PET) has been receiving rent subsidies from Copenhagen city council, reports the Copenhagen Post online....
Copenhagen News

Copenhagen ditches music arena project

Plans for a multipurpose music arena in the


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