Johan Maelwael

6 Oct-7 Jan. The Rijksmuseum dedicates an exhibition to the Dutch master Johan Maelwael (c.1370-1415), a pioneering artist who worked at the courts of the Dukes of Guelders and Burgundy around 1400.

Maelwael had a stellar career and was one of the most sought-after artists in western Europe during the Middle Ages. Paintings by Maelwael and his workshop are displayed alongside mediaeval art works, illuminated manuscripts and sculpture. 

The highlight of the Rijksmuseum show is his most famous painting La Grande Pietà ronde, on loan from the Louvre whose collection it hasn't left since 1962. 

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Address Rijksmuseum, Jan Luijkenstraat 1, Amsterdam, tel. +31(0)206747000.

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Johan Maelwael

Rijksmuseum, Jan Luijkenstraat 1, Amsterdam, tel. +31(0)206747000.