Mayor Alberto Ruiz-Gallardn has inaugurated the new extended ODonnell road tunnel linking the eastern suburbs of Madrid to the city centre. At 1,441 m, the tunnel is three times longer than the original one and will reduce travel time to central Madrid by over an hour. From the M-30 or M-40 motorways, drivers can now travel to and from the Puerta de Alcal in the city centre without encountering a single traffic light. Security systems installed in the tunnel include three emergency exits, three ventilation shafts and closed circuit TV. 30,000 commuters daily are expected to use the tunnel, which cost 31.4 million and took 18 months to complete. Commuters from the eastern districts of Moratalaz, Ciudad Lineal, San Blas and Viclvaro, home to over half a million city residents, will be the immediate beneficiaries.