Madrid World Hunger Day Concert

Madrid is one of three cities in Europe, along with Paris and London, staging a live concert against hunger on 13 October organised in conjunction with Action Against Hunger and the European Commission's Aid and Civil Protection department (ECHO).

The No Hunger Orchestra will play simultaneously in Madrid at the Plaza de Callao, in Paris at the Alhambra in Rue Yves Toudic at 17.00 local time, and in London at St Pancras International at 16.00 local time.

This is no ordinary orchestra. The muscians play instruments of their own invention made from non-edible natural produce, such as pumpkin and water melon skins, nut shells and other non-edible parts of vegetables and fruit.

Footage from the three concerts as well as individual videos of people playing their own invented instruments will be turned into a video to be streamed worldwide on World Hunger Day on 16 October.

Malnutrition causes the deaths of over 3 million children a year, in a world that produces enough food to feed everyone.

Individual videos can be uploaded to the No Hunger Orchestra website for inclusion in the final video.