Fri, 22 September 2023
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Jersey News

Jersey boosts customs allowances.

From 1 December, adults travelling to the island can bring in double the current personal amount of wine without paying duty, and those on commercial airlines or boats can also bring in gifts and othe...
Jersey News

Channel Islanders fear credit crunch.

Jersey inhabitants are worried about job security and will cut back dramatically on spending, according to a new survey conducted by Guernsey-based business, Island Analysis. The survey has found that...
Jersey News

Jersey prices rise again.

In the 12 months to September 2008 the all-items retail price index stood at 6.4 per cent, the highest in the last 16 years. The last time inflation touched the 6 per cent mark was in March 1992, wh...
Jersey News

Jersey banks safe.

Assurances that no banks will be allowed to collapse and that the UK banking system is safe were given to senior island officials during a recent meeting with the UK Treasury. Senior figures from Jer...
Jersey News

Protecting Jersey savers.

Every penny of islanders
Jersey News

Goldridge Stone closure.

A leading Jersey finance company has been closed down by the Jersey financial services commission (JFSC) following a police investigation into investment schemes which allegedly led to islanders losin...
Jersey News

Emergency measures for soaring prices.

An emergency meeting to discuss ways of helping islanders pay for food and energy bills and to look at options for controlling increasing petrol prices has been called by the Jersey council of ministe...
Jersey News

Electricity prices to increase.

Electricity prices are likely to rise in Jersey by at least 25 per cent next year, the Jersey Electricity Company has warned. And Jersey Gas has announced that its prices will rise by up to 20 per cen...
Jersey News

Jersey needs new development plan.

Jersey is under so much pressure to cope with an ageing society that the 2002 island plan (its government-agreed guidelines for development planning) has been scrapped and is in the process of being r...
Jersey News

Jobs hold up.

The working population hit a record last year with more people now employed in the finance in industry than at any time in the Jersey
Jersey News

Housing sales reach record in 2007.

The value of property going through Jersey
Jersey News

More public spending.

Public spending in Jersey will top
Jersey News

Tesco eyes Jersey.

Supermarket giant Tesco wants to come to Jersey and Britain
Jersey News

Inflation in Jersey rises.

Inflation in Jersey hit its highest level for almost three years at the end of December. Retail Price Index figures that have been released show the RPI at 4.5 per cent and the RPI(X)


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