Mon, 17 June 2024
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Jersey News

Jersey tries to attract more rich residents

Dozens of super-rich immigrants are to be lured to Jersey with the promise of lower taxes under plans being drawn up by the island
Jersey News

Jersey Chamber of Commerce calls for change to labour laws

Restrictive employment laws that make it difficult for businesses to take on staff should be scrapped, according to the Jersey Chamber of Commerce. Chamber president Ray Shead said the body wanted...
Madrid News

Public sector organisations to be culled in Madrid

In a bid to fight a dire financial crisis, city authorities in Madrid have approved a cull of regional public sector bodies, including 83 government agencies, colleges and advisory bodies. Among a...
Jersey News

Jersey passes tough budget

General sales tax in Jersey will rise to 5 per cent, higher earners will pay more social security and duty on alcohol, fuel and tobacco will increase after the States approved one of the toughest budg...
Jersey News

Jersey, Channel Islands, approves new intellectual property law

Jersey took a step towards creating a new intellectual property industry at the beginning of December when the island
Jersey News

Record unemployment figures in Jersey Channel Islands

Record numbers of residents in Jersey are now registered as unemployed, with 60 more people out of work at the end of October than a month before. Figures released recently reveal that there were 1...
Brussels News

Brussels population continues to soar

Estimates of the number of Brussels residents have been grossly underestimated. Latest figures released by the national registry, whose figures are updated every two months, show that there are curren...
Jersey News

Protests against Jersey’s 2011 budget proposals

Manual workers, business leaders and pensioners have launched campaigns to fight proposed tax rises in Jersey. The opposition movements against increases to the sales tax, GST, and social security pay...
Jersey News

Public sector redundancies in Jersey, Channel Islands

Seventy-three voluntary redundancy applications have been approved in the first round of the States voluntary redundancy scheme for civil servants. The staff, including 30 senior managers, will lea...
Amsterdam News

Amsterdam authorities slash public spending

City authorities in Amsterdam are to slash spending by
Vienna News

Vienna tops earnings list

Women earn more in Vienna than in any other part of Austria, according to research by the country
Jersey News

Unemployment on the rise in Jersey, Channel Islands

Unemployment in Jersey has increased to the record levels seen during the depths of the recession, worrying new figures have revealed. The number of people out of work has increased for the fourth...
Jersey News

Population trends in Jersey, Channel Islands

In the mid 19th century Jersey
Jersey News

Jersey, Channel Islands, cuts social services to support financial industry.

School milk, free entry for children into Durrell wildlife park, and eight temporary assistant teaching posts were scrapped as the first wave of spending costs was debated in the island
Jersey News

Plans for more drastic cuts to Jersey, Channel Islands, budget

Plans to axe 15 per cent of senior civil servants and close three States departments have been drawn up by Jersey
Jersey News

Channel Islands to open Brussels office

The Channel Islands of Jersey and Guernsey are opening an office in Brussels to look after their interests in the European Union. The islands are particularly concerned about European Union legislatio...
Jersey News

Jersey cuts jobs in public sector

Plans to help inhabitants of Jersey find work in the recession-hit jobs market have been unveiled


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