An annual report has revealed that the amount of homeless people sleeping on Dublin streets has decreased. It found 60 people sleeping outdoors: 51 men, 6 women and 3 people of an indeterminable gender.

While a decrease in the numbers of homeless people is to be welcomed, researchers made the worrying discovery that the physical and mental health issues of those sleeping rough are increasingly complex. 40 per cent had at least one diagnosed mental health condition; depression was the most prevalent, followed by anxiety and schizophrenia. 57 per cent regularly consumed alcohol while over half were drug users, with heroin being most commonly used.

The report found that 23 were Irish or presumed Irish, 7 were Polish, 9 were from other EU states, 8 were from outside the EU, and 13 were unknown. This means that a higher proportion of the homeless population is from outside Ireland and outside the EU. Most of the homeless people were found sleeping rough in the north city centre, while others were found in the south centre as well as parks and along both canals.