Dublin News

Dublin's new city plan

Central to the newly drafted city development plan is the proposal that no new lands in Dublin be rezoned for housing until after 2017. The plan, which has been released for public consultation, also...
Dublin News

Dublin Christmas gift card

Dublin has become the first capital city in Europe to have its own city centre gift card. The Dublin-branded cards, which are blue in colour, feature the iconic Ha'penny Bridge and can be used in any...
Oxford News

Westgate shopping centre delayed

The Oxford Mail reports that the opening of the city
Paris News

Multi-purpose pontoon docks in the Seine

A giant multi-use 62-metre pontoon, which is to house a hospital, restaurant and leisure space, has been docked between the Pont d
Copenhagen News

Traffic wardens get special training

Ex-special forces soldiers have been brought in to train Copenhagen
Brussels News

Brussels inaugurates new public toilets

Brussels has armed itself against the epidemic of people urinating on its streets by bringing in a new network of public toilets and urinals. The problem has become such that Brussels deputy mayor for...
Barcelona News

Barcelona residents complain most about noise

Rubbish and noise pollution are the biggest bugbears of Barcelona residents, according to a report in the Barcelona Reporter. Recent research conducted by Barcelona city council showed that litter in...
Barcelona News

Redeveloping Barcelona neighbourhoods

Eight Barcelona neighborhoods are to benefit from an injection of millions of euros for redevelopment under an agreement between the city council and the regional and central governments. The neighbou...
Oxford News

Radcliffe Infirmary once Bronze Age site

The former site of Oxford
Paris News

HSBC moving from Mata Hari building

The Emir of Qatar has announced his interest in buying the Paris building where infamous stripper turned world war one spy Mata Hari was arrested in 1917. Currently the French headquarters of HSBC, 10...
Oxford News

Lower speeds limits may make Oxford roads more dangerous

Two advanced driving experts have claimed that Oxford
Vienna News

Upgrading Vienna

Vienna will soon become a technological dinosaur if it does not embrace modern forms of communication, such as free wireless internet access, says
Amsterdam News

Amsterdam residents favour of new metro line

According to Dutch News, research by Amsterdam city council has found that 60 per cent of residents are in favour of the council finishing construction on the city
Paris News

Fining pedestrians

Plans are afoot in Paris to fine pedestrians who break the highway code. Crossing the road while not on a pedestrian crossing or stepping onto a crossing when the light is on red could land you with a...
Oxford News

Art galleries move into empty shops

Temporary art galleries are springing up around Oxford as local artists are using the city


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