In a move to stop disorderly and drunken behaviour before it gets out of control, the Oxford police force has requested powers to confiscate alcohol from troublemakers on city streets. Anyone refusing to hand over their drink could be liable for arrest and fines of up to 500 if prosecuted. On-the-spot fixed penalty fines of 50 are also part of the deterrent proposal. The city of Oxford currently has 11 alcohol-free zones, but drinkers cross zone borders to avoid confrontation with the police. Should the proposals be approved, Oxford would become the third district in England (after Brighton and Sandwell in the West Midlands) to give police the power to confiscate alcohol from troublemakers. Under the UK Licensing Act, alcohol can be confiscated by the police from underage drinkers and those in a Designated Public Place (nominated alcohol free zone). The proposals are now under consultation and will be tabled at the full city council meeting on 24 April.