There is little left of the famous wall that once separated East and West Berlin. Since its celebrated fall in 1989, most of it has been pulled down, souvenired or sold off, and visiting tourists have up till now had to make do with the few watchtowers and wall slabs that are still standing.

However, the Berlin government has decided to recreate the once-despised barrier in cyberspace. Their website in English and German aims to inform tourists and local citizens as fully as possible about the Berlin Wall and its history, from when it was built in 1961 by the East German authorities to prevent a population haemorrhage to the west, right up to the present day. Visitors can take a virtual stroll along the wall via illustrations, maps, archive photographs and even movies. The site also indicates where to find the parts of the wall that are still intact, as well as memorials commemorating the people who were killed while attempting to escape from East Berlin. There are sections devoted to the famous Checkpoint Charlie, the vanished Potzdamer Platz and the Brandenburg Gate, whose opening symbolized the meeting of East and West in those historic days of November, 1989.

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