Mon, 17 June 2024
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Dublin News

New docklands train station.

Final planning permission has been granted for the new docklands mainline train station, as part of the governments plans to upgrade the docklands area. The new station will provide interconnecting se...
Dublin News

New pier for Dublin airport.

Construction is underway of the new Pier D at Dublin airport, which will accommodate 14 aircraft and speed up departure times. Green technology is being used to reduce the concrete apron of the site t...
Dublin News

New trains running.

The new high-speed luxury train service on the Dublin to Cork line is now operating normally after wildcat strikes by drivers marred the inauguration in mid-May. Travelling at speeds of up to 200 km p...
Dublin News

New North-South bus link.

Bus Eireann and its northern counterpart Translink have launched a new hourly bus service linking Belfast and Dublin. Running from 06.00 to 21.00 seven days a week, the buses will serve the increasing...
Dublin News

Parking fines double.

The Department of Transport has raised standard parking fines across Ireland from 19 to 40. It has also increased fines for parking illegally in a disabled space from 19 to 80 and for parking in a cle...
Dublin News

Find a parking space via SMS

Motorists can now get the latest information on parking spaces in Dublin city car parks by sending an SMS to 53030. In reply directions will be given to a car park in either the north or the south of...
Dublin News

New buses for better service.

Dublin has received an extra 20 buses under the 34.4 billion Transport 21 project to create a fully integrated travel system for the Irish capital and outlying areas. The new buses, which will start o...
Dublin News

Ryanair to test online check-in.

Ryanair is to begin testing its new online check-in facility on its Dublin-Cork route at the end of January. The service will allow passengers to check in online and head for the departure gate if the...
Dublin News

Tolls for Galway-Dublin motorists.

From 12 December motorists driving on a return journey from Galway to Dublin face a toll of 5 when the Kinnegad-Kilcock bypass officially opens. However there are concerns over long queues at the toll...
Dublin News

City to get transport upgrade.

The governments recently announced Transport 21 initiative, which aims to modernize road and rail transport across the whole of Ireland, should also make life easier for Dublin commuters as a large sl...
Dublin News

Selective toll for Dublin Port tunnel.

The Dublin Port tunnel has yet to be completed, but it is already making news, with the latest decision to increase the proposed toll to be paid by cars using the tunnel from 6 to 12. This drastic inc...


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