The Dublin Port tunnel has yet to be completed, but it is already making news, with the latest decision to increase the proposed toll to be paid by cars using the tunnel from 6 to 12. This drastic increase is hoped to have a deterrent effect on motorists planning to use the tunnel as a speedy short cut into the centre of town. First and foremost, the 714million tunnel, which connects the Dublin Port to the M1 Coolock interchange, was designed to divert heavy goods vehicles away from city approach roads and hence to reduce traffic build-up. Lorries will therefore be exempt from charges for use of the tunnel.

There is also a safety element involved. The European Union has laid down new rules regarding fire risks in tunnels and traffic congestion is to be avoided at all costs. It is thought that the 4.6km tunnel will remove 9,000 trucks a day from Dublin streets.

However prices for car drivers depend on when they use the tunnel; for example motorists will pay more at rush hour and those leaving the port area will pay less than those entering it.