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Green Architecture for the Future.

29 May - 4 October 2009. This latest exhibition at the Louisiana focuses on alternative, sustainable architectural movements and in particular sheds light on the growing co-operation between sciencist...
Copenhagen What's on

68/89 at The Royal Library

30 April - 27 June 2009. Organized by the Czech Embassy in Copenhagen in conjunction with the Royal Library, this exhibition entitled '68/89' consists of 60 photographs documenting key historical even...
Copenhagen What's on

Impressionists and Post-Impressionists at ARKEN

31 Jan - 7 Jun 2009. ARKEN Museum of Modern Art was opened in 1996 by Her Majesty Queen Margrethe. Now firmly established, the museum houses contemporary Danish, Nordic and international art and offer...
Copenhagen What's on

Egyptian Amulets in Copenhagen.

4 Apr - 13 Sep 2009. Copenhagen's National Museum is currently staging an exhibition featuring a display of Egyptian amulets. Amulets were worn around the necks of the Ancient Egyptians to ward off th...
Copenhagen What's on

?Stronger then life

11 Mar-31 May 2009. The timeless sculptures of Danish artist Astrid Noack (1888-1954) are on display in the first exhibition of a sculptor
Copenhagen What's on

Balke & Kirkeby. Distant Horizons.

6 March-21 June 2009. Paintings by the Norwegian romantic landscape painter, Peder Balke (1804-1887) alongside works by Danish contemporary artist Per Kirkeby (1938-). Inspired by themes from
Copenhagen What's on

Max Ernst exhibition at the Louisiana.

6 Feb-1 June 2009. This extensive exhibition at the Louisiana museum is the first major retrospective in Denmark of German-born painter, sculptor and graphic artist Max Ernst, considered one of the pi...
Copenhagen What's on

Picture frames exhibition at the Kunst.

8 March 2008-15 March 2009. Focussing on the frame itself rather than the art it embellishes, this unique exhibition at the Statens Museum for Kunst includes around 200 examples of European picture fr...
Copenhagen What's on

Manga! exhibition at the Louisiana Museum.

8 Oct 2008-8 Feb 2009. The Manga Japanese comic book phenomenon is explored in this extensive exhibition at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, which sets Manga in its art-historical and cultural cont...
Copenhagen What's on

Jacob Jordaens. The Making of a Masterpiece.

8 Nov 2008-1 Feb 2009. This exhibition displays five works by the famous Flemish Baroque painter Jacob Jordaens (1593-1678). Recent research and the restoration of the canvas The Tribute Money. Peter...
Copenhagen What's on

Picasso & Women.

27 Sept 2008-4 Jan 2009. This exhibition is dedicated to Pablo Picasso (1881-1973), his pioneering work as a self-taught printmaker and his favourite subject: women. On display are 81 rarely exhibited...
Copenhagen What's on

Anti-Nazi cartoons at the Workers’ Museum.

7 July-30 Dec 2008. The Arbejdermuseet is hosting an exhibition of anti-Nazi cartoons from the 1930s by two well-known Danish artists of the period, Herluf Bidstrup (1912-1988) and Martinus Hougaard (...
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Contemporary art at the Kunst.

6 Sept 2008-4 Jan 2009. This large-scale exhibition at the Statens Museum for Kunst explores the manipulation of
Copenhagen What's on

Triumph of Desire. Danish and International Surrealism.

6 Sept 2008-11 Jan 2009. This exhibition brings together works by Salvador Dal
Copenhagen What's on

Yang Fudong exhibition.

9 Aug-26 Oct 2008. The work of Shanghai-based video artist and photographer Yang Fudong is on show for the first time in Denmark. Originally trained as a painter at the Chinese Art Academy in Hangzhou...
Copenhagen What's on

Kirsten Ortwed. Full Length.

14 June 2008-8 Mar 2009. This large retrospective is dedicated to the Danish sculptor of the year, Kirsten Ortwed, and to her work from the 1970s to today. For this occasion Ortwed has also created a...
Copenhagen What's on


17 May 2008-21 June 2009. This exhibition is for children aged 6 to 12 and focuses on how art is able to capture, create and recreate dreams and imaginings. Dreams are a very important part of the chi...
Copenhagen What's on

Living Wood Exhibition.

12 April-7 Sept 2008. Successful products from Denmark


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