Viviane Sassen

15 Dec-17 March. The Huis Marseille presents a retrospective exhibition of the work of award-winning Dutch photographer Viviane Sassen, spanning the last 17 years of her career in artistic and fashion photography.

Sassen often uses her own body in her performance installations while her award-winning fashion photography is published in numerous magazines. The artist, who grew up in Kenya, also draws on Africa for inspiration for much of her artistic work.

The Huis Marseilles show includes Sassen's early work as well as her photography for international fashion publications and fashion houses.

Parallel to the exhibition is a series of encounters with artistic directors, editors and fashion stylists who have collaborated with Sassen.

Tues-Sun 11.00-18.00.

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Address Huis Marseilles Museum, Keizersgracht 401, tel. +31(0)205318989.

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Viviane Sassen

Huis Marseilles Museum, Keizersgracht 401, tel. +31(0)205318989.