Tauba Auerbach: Tetrachromat

Tetrachromat is a solo show by Tauba Auerbach, a Californian artist whose paintings, drawings, photographs and artist books are inspired by mathematics, physics and topology. Auerbach's paintings play on the relationship between three-dimensional reality painted on two-dimensional surfaces.

The title of her Brussels exhibition refers to a theory that there may be a small percentage of people – for genetic reasons, only women – who are tetrachromats. This would mean that their eyes are possessed with a four-dimensional colour receptor in comparison to the normal three-dimensional "trichromat" human.

Trichromats detect red, green and blue wavelengths of light that combine to create the spectrum of visible colours, however terachomats – including many birds and possibly fish and insects – are equipped with an extra variable that allows them to distinguish between colours that are invisible to the trichromat. 

Wed-Sun 11.00-18.00. Mon-Tues closed.

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Address Wiels Contemporary Art Center, Avenue Van volxem 354, tel. +32(0)23400050.
Website www.wiels.org

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Tauba Auerbach: Tetrachromat

Wiels Contemporary Art Center, Avenue Van volxem 354, tel. +32(0)23400050.

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