Storms, War & Shipwrecks

21 June-25 Sept. With the subtitle Treasures from the Sicilian Seas this exhibition at the Ashmolean examines the rich history of Sicily based on the discoveries off its shores by underwater archaeologists.

Sicily's strategic location saw it invaded continuously from the eighth century BC with settlements by Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs and Normans.

In recent years teams of archaeologist divers have recovered treasures from dozens of shipwrecks from Sicilian waters, providing a rich and diverse cultural legacy from across the centuries.

Tues-Wed 10.00-17.00. Thurs-Sat 10.00-19.00. Sun 12.00-17.00. Mon closed.

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Address Ashmolean Museum, Beaumont Street, tel. +44(0)1865278000.

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Storms, War & Shipwrecks

Ashmolean Museum, Beaumont Street, tel. +44(0)1865278000.