Rembrandt Bugatti

The Alte Nationalgalerie dedicates a major exhibition to the lesser-known Italian artist Rembrandt Bugatti (1884-1916) whom it describes as "one of the most remarkable and artistically independent sculptors of the early 20th century."

Comprising over 80 sculptural works, the exhibition is designed to "reintroduce" the artist to the greater public.

The son of furniture designer Carlo and brother of renowned automobile designer Ettore, Rembrandt grew up in Milan in a highly artistic environment. From an early age he was captivated by animals which became his central subject matter as an artist.

Although successful during his lifetime, Bugatti killed himself in Paris in 1916 at the age of 31. Despite his short life he left behind a rich legacy of over 300 diverse works.

The pieces exhibited in Berlin are on loan from museums in Paris, Washington and Antwerp however the majority come from international private collections and have never been displayed publically before.

Tues-Sun 10.00-18.00. Thurs 10.00-20.00

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Address Alte Nationalgalerie, Genthiner Str. 38, tel. +49(0)30266424242.
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Rembrandt Bugatti

Alte Nationalgalerie, Genthiner Str. 38, tel. +49(0)30266424242.