Picasso Portraits

17 March-25 Sept. Exhibition highlighting Picasso's life-long fascination with interpreting portraiture and the human figure.

Picasso rarely worked to commission which granted him the liberty to paint portraits and caricatures according to his vision and often whimsy. Most of the artist's portraits depicted people in his intimate circle and, despite his frequent subversion and distortion, his portraits engaged with the traditions of western portraiture.

The exhibition at Museu Picasso comprises a large and lively selection of the artist's portraits - paintings, drawings and sculpture - illustrating the various stages of his lengthy career.

Tues-Sun 08.00-20.00

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Address Museu Picasso, Moncada 15-23, tel. +34933196310.

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Picasso Portraits

Museu Picasso, Moncada 15-23, tel. +34933196310.