Michael Sailstorfer: Forst

26 April - 8 October. This year's winner of the Vattenfall Contemporary prize - awarded to internationally-acclaimed artists living and working in Berlin - is Michael Sailstorfer.

The artist's first major exhibition in Berlin comprises two installations centred around a forest theme.

In his first installation Forst, five trees hang upside down, taking up the entire 10-m high exhibition space.

In his second installation "Schwarzwald" (meaning Black Forest) Sailstorfer produced a square field in an area of forest using black paint. The natural disintegration of his artificial field is transmitted via live stream to a screen in the gallery.

Wed-Mon 10.00-18.00. Tues closed.

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Address Berlinische Gallerie, Alte Jakobstrasse 124-128, tel. +49(0)3078902600.

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Michael Sailstorfer: Forst

Berlinische Gallerie, Alte Jakobstrasse 124-128, tel. +49(0)3078902600.